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Common NameScientific NameDescriptionLatitudeLongitudeLink URL
SweetgumLiquidambar styracifluaThe sweetgum leaves have five lobes with five veins and four deep sinuses. “Star shaped”. The sweetgum tree has a spiky looking fruit. The bark is a grayish color that is narrow at the bottom.40.67035-75.3204667http://wildncc.com/sweetgum/
SassafrasSassafras albidumThe mitten shaped leaf has lobes that varies from 1-3. The leaf is green above, paler below and often hairy. The bark is brown with deep grooves. The tree grows north of Ontario, Canada, all the way down to Florida and Texas. It is one of the more fragrant trees.40.66965-75.3197333http://wildncc.com/sassafras-tree/
GingkoGingko bilobaGinkgo biloba is the oldest living tree species in terms of the evolutionary tree. This tree can live as long as 1,000 years and grow to a height of 120 feet. It has short branches with fan-shaped leaves and fruits that produce a strong odor. You will never forget the ginkgo tree after smelling one for the first time.40.675056-75.325242http://wildncc.com/gingko-tree/
CherryPrunus aviumA cherry tree ranges in size from six to thirty feet. This tree has distinct reddish brown bark. The leaves are two to six inches long, and have a finely toothed edge. In the autumn months, the leaves of a cherry tree will turn beautiful colors such as pink and orange. The fruit of a cherry tree will be found in the springtime.40.671597-75.323229http://wildncc.com/cherry-tree/
Kousa DogwoodCornus kousaThe Kousa dogwood is a small deciduous tree about 35 feet tall. It has opposite, simple green leaves. Pointed 4-petaled white flowers will appear during late spring giving this tree a unique appearance. During the summer you will find round berries appearing on this tree.40.671092-75.3230504http://wildncc.com/kousa-dogwood/
Flowering DogwoodCornus floridaCornus florida- Small tree. The bark is dark rose brown and the bark has a rough texture, leaves are opposite with no lobes and have veins that do not intersect.40.6717167-75.3228http://wildncc.com/flowering-dogwood/
Red Maple TreeAcer rubrumAlso known as a Scarlet Maple or Swamp Maple, the red maple gets its name from the bright-red color of the fall leaves.? The tree is 40 to 60 feet tall. The leaves turn red during fall and the tree's twigs are glossy-red in the spring. Fruits and flowers are also red. When the leaves are not red their color is a light green on top and pale green on the underside. The red maple also produces red flowers and fruit, which is called samara just like the sugar maple.40.6714-75.32315http://wildncc.com/red-maple-tree/
Norway MapleAcer platanoidesAcer platanoides- Medium to large tree type with short trunk. Bark is grey with shallow brown canyons, extending throughout the trunk of the tree, leaves are opposite, have five lobes with two smaller ones near the base of the leaf.40.670924-75.323147http://wildncc.com/norway-maple/
Red PinePinus ResinosaPinus resinosa, large tree, bark is reddish brown and scaly with deep grooves throughout, needles form in clusters of two.40.6712833-75.3231667http://wildncc.com/red-pine/
Japanese MapleAcer palmatumJapanese maples are small trees that rarely grow to be more than 20 feet tall. The branches are smooth and grow in horizontal layers. The leaves have many lobes which are pointy and have toothed edges. In the spring the leaves turn a bright orange reddish color.40.672714-75.3235http://wildncc.com/japanese-maple/
Silver MapleAcer saccharinumThe leaf has five lobes, 4 sinuses. The leaves are green on the top and on the bottom, it is frosty/silver white. The bark is gray, long scaly strips.40.6697333-75.3205833http://wildncc.com/silver-maple/
Black CherryPrunus serotinaThe leaf has no lobes and is pear shaped with jagged edges and inward curved tips that resembles a birds beak. The bark is dark, reddish, brown to black in color with large obvious curving scales (like potato chips).40.6692167-75.3196http://wildncc.com/black-cherry/
Red SprucePicea Rubens40.674-75.322http://wildncc.com/red-spruce/
Eastern White PinePinus StrobusLarge tree with soft long needles40.674-75.321http://wildncc.com/white-pine/
White AshFraxinus Americana40.672-75.326http://wildncc.com/white-ash/
Blue SprucePicea Pungens40.673-75.323http://wildncc.com/blue-spruce/