Wild NCC

House sparrow

Classification: Passerine

What it looks like: Rusty brown, un-streaked above, cinnamon below. White throat and chin, and a eye stripe of white. Black slender bill, which curves downward. Tail is often held high up.

Behavior: Creeps around vegetation and tree trunks in search of insects, often nesting in yards or woodpiles. It cocks its tail upwards when forraging for food, and keeps it down when singing.  

Size:Slightly smaller than a sparrow but bigger than a House Wren

Habitat: Dense, vegetated, wooded areas, or neighborhoods.


Diet: Invertebrates such as grasshoppers, spiders, ants, and wasps. They will also eat small lizards and tree frogs. Sometimes they will eat fruit pulp and various seeds, but this is not common.

Picture:Taken on NCC