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Mushrooms, yeasts, mold

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They are the largest phylum of Fungi with over 64,000 species. (i.e. baker's yeast, cup fungi, morels, and truffles) These fungi are "spore shooters", meaning that they reproduce by releasing microscopic spores into the air. A distinguishing characteristic of Ascomycota is the presence of a sac-like structure holding the haploid ascospores.


Basidiomycota are filamentous fungi composed of hyphae (except for yeasts) and usually bear external meiospores. (i.e. mushrooms, rusts, smuts, mirror yeast) They are also called "Gill fungi" due to their gill-like structures on the underside of the cap. This category is also known for its many toxic fungi.
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Zygomycota, is a phylum of fungi consisting of approximately 1050 species. They are mostly terrestrial in habitat, living in soil or on decaying plant or animal material. Some are parasites of plants, insects, and small animals, while others form symbiotic relationships with plants.

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