Wild NCC

Welcome to Wild NCC

Wild NCC is an on going project designed to create a virtual field guide to all living things on campus.  This project began in 2010 with a collaboration between the students in Charlie Rinehimer’s Biology 2 class and Josh Miller’s Advanced Web Site Design class.  The biology students began to photograph plants, insects and pond life in the various habitats around campus, as well as developing keys for identification.  In Professor Miller’s class the students were given the parameters and needs of the guide and its creation was part of their culminating experience.  The designs were vetted by Josh and the final pick was made by the Biology department.

The winner was Chris J Koelle.

The keys, photos, locations, and sounds, of this guide are all student generated. Our hope is the guide will be continually updated and expanded for years to come.

Most recently, NCC Honors Student Daniel Stevens, performed a complete website overhaul, updating the outdated codes to the new PHP and API standards. In doing this he increased the potential number of categories from 2 to 9, thus paving the way for multi-feature phenotype taxonomy identification methods, such as, Newcomb’s Method of flower identification.

Jordan Bold continued where Dan left off, with an update to the taxonomy tree. Bold also placed the values for Newcomb’s Method.